Pam Harrington's
Stable Core Method™,
Pilates for Equestrians

Great riding doesn’t just happen, you make it happen

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Find out more about Pam Harrington's Stable Core Method™, Pilates for Equestrians

Great riding doesn’t just happen, you make it happen

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Now's the time to take your riding to the next level

Would you benefit from the Stable Core Method™?

  • Do you find that your saddle slips to one side every time you ride?
  • Does your horse have problems with right or left lead canter departures?
  • Do you have a hard time keeping your horse in a consistent gait?
  • Does your horse drop itʼs shoulder on the circle?
  • Do you find your horse is better when it circles one direction more than another? 
  • Is your horse heavy on the forehand?
  • Does he lean on your leg?
  • Do you find looking “effortless” takes too much effort?


All of these problems and many more can be solved with the Stable Core Method™!

Body mechanics and alignment are paramount to horsemanship yet often are lost in our work. While the idea of body mechanics is not new, the Stable Core™ approach is.

Through the Stable Core Method™ you will learn to identify your mechanical patterns, how they affect the horse and how to fix your problem areas.

Learn stretches to release tension areas before and after riding and how to use your breath more effectively while working with your horse. The Stable Core Method™ is a Pilates based Method for riders that will increase your feel, timing and balance.

Create more ease for your body and your horse, with Stable Core Method™!


Demonstrating the muscles that you should access


the 12 benefits of a Stable Core™ Workshop


You'll learn to stretch correctly before and after riding.

Reduce Pain

Reduce pain while riding.

Riding Mechanics

You'll Identify and learn to correct riding mechanics

Strong Core

Strengthen your core for better riding mechanics​


You will improve your posture

Lower Stress

Reduce stress and anxiety and increase confidence while riding

Physiology of Riding

Learn the physiology of riding and how it transfers to your horse


Improve spinal flexibility


Improve your posture


Create better communication between you and your horse

Relaxation Techniques

Use breath relaxation techniques to ease the pre-show jitters

Change Old Patterns

Learn fixes to change old patterns and create a new unity with your horse.

Pam riding

The Stable Core Method™ Clinics Summer 2022

The clinic consists of 3 parts: lecture, a Pilates workout and then using those concepts under-saddle. Join the class for the lecture and workout, participate in all 3 sections or just come to watch and learn. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat and a fit ball if you have one. Some mats and balls will be provided on a first come first serve basis. Auditors are always welcome to the lecture portion of the clinic.

There are private riding lessons available the day after each of these clinics.

September 18 from 9AM-3:30PM

at Nederland Equestrian School
1508 Lazy Z Rd.
Nederland, CO 80466


September 25 9AM-3:00PM

at Faery Star Farm
758 Aspen Meadows Rd.
Nederland, CO 80466

Trail Riding and Stable Core™ Clinic


Stable Core Method™ Full Clinic

Enjoy an interactive lecture, a workout for all fitness levels, riding instruction.
  • Interactive lecture
  • Workout for all fitness levels
  • Riding instruction utilizing SCM
  • Lesson horse available only at the Faery Star Farm clinic
  • Faery Star Farm Clinic includes a trail ride.

Stable Core Method™Clinic

An interactive lecture and a workout for all fitness levels.
  • Interactive lecture
  • Workout for all fitness levels

Stable Core Method™Clinic Audit

Audit the interactive lecture, .
  • Interactive lecture
  • Not available at all sessions

Stable Core Method™ Personal Riding Lesson

1 hour PRIVATE riding lesson on the day following the clinic
  • Limited to students fromt he day before.

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Stable Core™ Students say

Pam has improved my scores and brought my competition to a whole new level. I have found connections I never knew I was missing. On top of that she is a fantastic person and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Brenna DeGeer

Pam brings her clients back into their bodies and guides them to creating awareness around their movement and energetic patterns. By helping people to recognize and find their own body dynamics she helps create the shifts needed to create a more balanced rider physically and energetically and spiritually. She strives to guide people to their own body knowledge rather than dictating it to them.

Marti Dietrich - Level 3 Dressage Instructor

Pam these are just a few things that have changed from working with you: I am stronger. I can move a few bales of hay when I need to. I have less sciatic pain, low back pain, less pain in shoulders. I have more range of movement. I have more stamina and am able to work and ride better. I ride better …. use my core muscles. Now that I know what my core muscles are. I have more body awareness, Thank you for all you have done.

Cari Cook

A bit about Pam

As a lifetime equestrian, Pam Harrington grew up trail riding in the mountains of Washington state. She moved to Colorado to attend college in 1995, where she earned a BA in Creative Writing from Naropa University.

Pam began working with horses professionally as the manager of Sundance Stables during college. After college Pam was awarded a two year Artist Residency in Ward, Colorado. She took a seasonal job, managing a trail riding and lesson program at Gold Lake Resort and Spa. That seasonal job led to co-owning Mountain Mammas Trails and Training in the same location 2 years later.

In 2004, Pam founded  Mountain Mammas Charities, a 501(c)3 non-profit, and as Executive Director,  focused on bringing disadvantaged children out of the city and into nature while teaching horsemanship and riding. MMC also focused on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy programs serving a variety of populations. It was during this time that she created the “Stable Team Method”, an equine based team building program combining the principles of ground work and horsemanship with team building and communication skills. These programs helped fund MMC while creating a unique and lasting experience for its participants.

Pam has been lucky enough to study with trainers of many disciplines, including Classical Western Horsemanship, Natural Horsemanship and Dressage. She fused her love of riding with her 600 hour Classical Pilates training in 2008. Pam is the owner/operator of Good Life Pilates LLC, a full service Pilates Studio, in Nederland, Colorado.

Pam takes a unique and holistic approach to the horse utilizing her training in energy work and reiki combined with many different training methods she has studied throughout the years. In 2012, Pam worked alongside therapist Karen Eiffert, M.A., creating and implementing content for a therapeutic program for young men at Insight Intensive in the mountains outside of Boulder, Colorado.

Most recently, she has been running a lesson program from her home outside of Boulder and running her Pilates studio, Good Life Pilates, in Nederland, Colorado. In 2008, Pam created “The Stable Core Method”, a Pilates based method focusing on balance and body mechanics for riders. In her practice, Pam has studied mechanics of scoliosis with both SEAS and Scroth Method instructors and specializes in Scoliosis with the Pilates clients as well.

She has presented at The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo and runs a Pilates for Equestrians weekly class and clinic series at Cappaleigh Farm in Longmont, Colorado for many years. Her work and unique relationship with the horse has been featured in Western Horseman Magazine, Sunset Magazine and

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Nederland Equestrian School
Nederland, CO


Faery Star Farm 

Trail riding and Stable Core™ clinic.

Using Pilates, investigate the biomechanics of riding, and the physiology of  horse and rider. Lecture, workout and riding session.

Or call/text 303-748-0289